One Tip for the Job Candidates.

As the economy slowly recovers from the effects of Covid-19, there are clear signs that a few companies are smiling at rising demand. We could say, albeit not with the highest of confidence that the worst part of the pandemic is behind us. Governments are finding new methods of dealing with the pandemic and that the lockdowns are soon going to be forgotten. The mobility of people will surely lead to an increase in demand. This increase will definitely lead to positive growth in employment opportunities. Well, every employer will agree with me that hiring is not one of the fun moments in their managerial functions. I will lay this blame on the candidates and if there is one lesson that they can learn from this article, let it be the practice of freedom and flexibility in the application of knowledge.

While the first or default factor that the employer is looking for is knowledge, its application of this is more important. There is no novelty in that. No one hires qualified people to tell them what to do. That would be wasted money and company resources. Your boss guides. Your certificate, diploma, and degrees are very important. Questions around your areas of qualifications will get you a pass to the next stage, which I regard as more important to the employer than the first. Consider the first – qualifications, as the basic stage. How do you showcase your competence in the application of knowledge?

The guide; the employer has a vision, strategy, and culture. We know that these factors feed and influence each other. As you answer those questions, practice your independence in providing solutions to the problems facing the employer. Yes! The employer is facing a problem and that is why they are seeking to hire. How can you be of help? Can you steer the position or you are coming to be steered? Flexibility comes with strategy. Your solutions have to be malleable enough not to lose their agreement to the profession, but they also have to be in sync with the organizational strategy. Many bosses will prefer a candidate that will be able to competently offer solutions and influence the vision, work within the strategy and positively influence culture. Forget cultural homogeneity organizations are ready to mongrelize competence. Remember, culture is dynamic. Can you be the reason why the organization experienced the dynamism?

Candidates fail by being too timid. Also, I have seen candidates who are qualified but cannot structure a solution independently. Remember, you are the service provider. The employer is seeking to buy your services. You have to sell this like a good salesperson. Once your answers start looking codependent, there lies your loss.

As organizations embark on a continuous hiring process, stay guided by the little-used competence that you have to be a solution provider. You are the consultant. What the panel is seeking to find, through so many questions is the one simple thing; what difference can you make? The value you display earns you the job.