Rubicon Consultants is a leading Financial and Management Consultancy firm in the East African region. We exist to provide solutions to businesses. The diversity of our clients reflect our all-round expertise. Our past and existing assignments reflect our broad knowledge empowered by research and boldness of approach.
The main areas of our expertise are helping organizations make decisions on; strategy,technology, leadership, customer service, risk management, tax, audit, accounting… among others.
Since our inception we strive to grow with our clients on tackling various challenges which has been our main source of market knowledge.
We also believe in continuous development of skills and knowledge. For this reason, we are actively involved in training our clients on new solutions as the market demands. Our research and experience helps up pre-empt the various challenges facing our clients and seek solutions for them.

Our global approach towards growth helps us organize training packages that are very relevant towards the 21st century corporate world.

We are very consistent in developing our people as they are the main drivers of value to our clients. This helps us to keep up with the growing demands from our clients and keeping it relevant and ahead of competition.
Tasked with research for solutions and support, our clients have more than enough time to work on the core business of the firm.

A world of infinite solutions.

Empowering our people with technical skills to identify, seek facts, identify alternatives and
collaborate with client’s processes in providing the relevant and the most appropriate business